Business Chinese language workshops Events

  • 16.03.2016

In March, 2016, the Italy China Foundation organized a series of workshops on business Chinese language learning. These workshop goal was to create more awareness on Chinese business language and world.

The audience was mostly composed by professionals who deal with Chinese business people and are studing Chinese language to improve their business opportunities.

Besides questionnaires, informal talks allowed us to have a frank and outspoken idea about the real use of the product.

The general feeling was that participants perceived Chinese4Business as an additional tool to improve their knowledge and awareness about Chinese business and cultural world.

The audience knew that online they might find business Chinese course, but none of them is for free, nor it has a cultural guide which might be integrated with the course. One participant told that the possibility of having two different tools that are interchangeable but scrutinize closely the same subject in two different uses (just like the guide and the language course) might be the real reason for a wider use of this project.

This was an interesting point of view considering that at this moment, the request of having a complete business Chinese course with precise and useful remarks on concrete topics is still high.

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