Chinese 4 Business: for whom?
  • Employees of various levels representing EU small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Business environment taking care of EU - China trade relations.
  • Students, trainees, apprentices, adult learners - studying Chinese.
  • Teachers, language schools, educational institutions dealing with business studies and learning Chinese.
  • Specialists of Chinese business culture and Chinese language experts.
  • Adult students that learn Chinese as a part of their professional development.
Chinese 4 Business: 4 what?

Those who do not speak Chinese are not ready for the 21st century, especially in business environment. China is already the largest economy in the world and the business opportunities and developments in China are more significant than ever. What is more, within 10 years Chinese will be the language number 1 in the Internet. Chinese has become a popular choice for a second language among students. This increasing popularity isn’t surprising since the growing appeal of Chinese culture in the west and worldwide. If you want to start learning Chinese for free and get to know basic knowledge on A1-A2 level, go to chinese4.eu as a basis for Chinese4business project.

Why business Chinese?

Many US companies do business in China and have long-term investments there. Now is the time for Europe to develop business contacts on the Chinese market. And how to do a business not knowing the language? Business people are looking for those solutions which don’t take a lot of time. That’s why this website is mainly dedicated to entrepreneurs who want know Chinese language with the business background. With the Chinese for Business course you get to know, how to establish contacts with business partner, what aspects are important when negotiating, why cuisine and toasting in Chinese culture play a crucial role. And finally you will receive a language knowledge enabling you communication with business partners.

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